ksp-pointFirst Nation Manager

Boozho-Aanii! I am pleased to be a part of the progressive Leadership and Administration for our community of Kettle & Stony Point and looking forward to working with Council to move their priorities for the community forward. Your Leadership have undertaken various initiatives in the past number of years that have the ability to move the community forward in creating a sustainable economy that can both address long term employment and own source revenue streams of benefit to the community and its members. Council is well positioned to identify strategies, take the actions necessary to implement, and move forward with confidence.

Priorities were developed in the areas of Community Development, Economic Development, and Governance Development, and provide the balance of creating an economy for the community including employment and revenue streams, and addressing community needs for programs, services and infrastructure. The input received during the Council/Community/Staff Orientation Sessions held in August 2012 was used as the basis for the options determined priority for the First Nation.

Please visit our website often for updates, community news and information, and just for keeping in touch!

Lorraine George