Mission Statement

Kettle and Stony Point Child and Family Services strives to support, strengthen and preserve the Nation’s families to achieve a good quality of life, sense of belonging and long-term well-being. To honor and respect values, culture and traditions while strengthening family life and community relationships. 

Keeping Families Connected

Children and youth have a better quality of life and better outcomes when they are connected to their families and communities. We strive to keep families together and prevent involvement in the child welfare system, providing quality care through supports and resources to break intergenerational cycles. CFS works to reunify families that are in the child welfare system by bringing our children home, through connections to cultural programs, family and community.


CFS provides prevention, early intervention services and programming to support children, youth families and the community in being safe and building a positive self-identity.

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Community and Team Approach

Child and Family Services (CFS) uses a wholistic, community approach to family support and healing, working as a team to assist in meeting the needs of children, youth and families. This includes:

  • (3)Band Representatives
  • Family Support Worker
  • Family Liaison Worker
  • Customary Care Worker
  • Cultural Coordinator Counsellor
  • Cultural Outreach Counsellor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Program Manager
  • CFS Director

Services for families involved with a child welfare agency

We support families who are involved in the child welfare system or at immediate risk of becoming involved. A Band Representative is assigned to each family for representation and support. The Band Representatives are appointed by KSPFN to represent and participate in legal proceedings, to ensure that your rights are respected in and out of court.

We Are All Connected:

Become a Community Care Home (foster home)

We are building capacity within our community to care for our children, support families, and build a sense of community responsibility for our children’s well-being.

Call for Tenders

Personnel | KSP Child and Family Services

  • Bobbi Whiteye – Program Manager
  • Eva Bressette – Prevention Lead
  • Tig-John Ermatinger – Band Representative
  • Chantelle Sayegh –  Band Representative
  • Shania Cloud – Band Representative Assistant
  • Amanda Humphries – Outreach Peer Support Worker 
  • Christine Holden – Family Liaison Worker
  • Stephanie Trudeau  – Customary Care Worker
  • Cathy Wolfe – Administrative Assistant

Contact | KSP Child and Family Services

Days Open: Monday – Friday
Closed: Lunch 12:00 to 1:00 | Statutory Holidays
Telephone: 519-786-6680
Fax: 519-786-6668
Email: By Request Only
Mailing Address: 9156 Tecumseh Lane, Kettle & Stony Point F.N., ON N0N 1J1
Street Address: Same
Website: None
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