Community, Identity & Empowerment through Self-Governance

“Listeners, not Talkers!”

-Community Constitution Development Committee (CCDC) Motto

Constitution Q’s & A’s

  • What is a Constitution?
    A constitution is a law of a Nation that defines and guides the nature, functions and limits of its leadership.Our Constitution will outline the collective will of our First Nation Members on how we wish to live and how we wish to govern ourselves. It is a statement of the extent and limitations of power that we confer onto our leaders to make laws for the betterment of our community and our Nation.
  • What will a Constitution do for you?
    A constitution will allow First Nation members to exercise their right to self-determination in a way that will require Canada to recognize this right.Some of the most successful nations over the world have proven that by adopting constitutions, they have become more prosperous and inspired.  A study by the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development at the University of Arizona found that native tribes who exercised ‘de facto sovereignty’ through their own constitutions and forms of government are more successful than those who do not.
  • How will our First Nation adopt the Constitution?
    The Constitution must be accepted by the First Nation members through a community ratification voting process.  All First Nation members, both on and off reserve, will have the opportunity to participate in this process.
  • The Constitution:
    • will not replace or displace the Indian Act;
    • is developed by our own First Nation members, unlike the Indian Act;
    • empowers the First Nation.

Ratification Documents

Notice of Amendment to Constitution
KSPFN Constitution
Voters’ List
Notice of Ratification Vote
Executive Summary

Committee Members

Ronald C. George – Chair
Elizabeth Cloud – Councillor
Georginna Bressette
Deborah Milliken
Connie Milliken – Project Manager


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