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This page is for our Administration and Events that happen in the community. It is for our departments to utilize for postings of events and flyers.

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Indian Day School Information

” Updated February 25th 2020 “

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OVC Community Healthcare Partnership Program  “Veterinary Telemedicine Information”

2021 KSP Veterinary Telemedicine

OVCCHPP Group Links

Preappointment Checklist

Attached is the information for the 2021 Spring Veterinary Telemedicine Wellness Clinic.  
For online booking, he fb link to join the OVCCHPP KSP group is is
  1. Once people request to join, they will be added to a messenger chat: 2021 KSP Spring Veterinary Telemedicine Wellness Clinic
  2. Look in messenger requests to find the chat
  3. Read all information and instructions in chat before booking an appointment in the OVCCHPP KSP group
  4. When ready to book your online appointment go back to the OVCCHPP KSP group and find the ONLINE HEALTH CENTRE post to book an appointment
  5. For any difficulties or if needing to call to book an appointment instead of online call 226-203-4979
  6. The same number will call back after 4:30 pm during the weekdays only to set up an appointment)
  7. If anyone needs to reach me on social media, they can go to my page
There is a tentative on reserve, in-person contactless clinic scheduled
for May 26 & 27 to be held at the Tecumseh Building (formerly Anglican Church) but we won’t
 know for sure until closer to end of this last provincial lockdown.  Once I know I can send the details for circulation.
Thank you,
Alison Bressette