Our mandate is to improve health outcomes in the community and to ensure the availability of and access to quality health services

Mission Statement

We are committed to the efficient provision of quality health services to the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation community, maintaining the following principles:

ksphs-logo-smAll members of our community have the right to:

  • Health education and services
  • Equal access to all services
  • Respect of their individual beliefs

We will uphold the shared values and beliefs of our community including equality, kindness, honesty, sharing, caring and strength in body, mind and spirit. Our staff members will:

  • Respect and support one another to ensure the efficient provision of services
  • Carry out the policies and procedures and mission of the Kettle and Stony Point Health Services with the utmost diligence
  • Foster fellowship and understanding among one another and the community that we serve
  • Encourage and assist individuals, families and the community to achieve optimal health and quality of life, through health promotion, prevention programs and services, homecare support, mental health and addictions programs and community healing activities.

health-foodWe share common values in the provision of holistic health services:

  • We understand that there are many determinants of health including poverty, unemployment and the lingering effects of the residential school system.
  • We recognize that our community is impacted by systemic barriers to health and are committed to making special efforts to encourage their participation.
  • We believe that programs and services must be accessible to all community members and offer a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.
  • We believe in the dignity and self-worth of all people and their equitable right to peace, security, safe affordable housing, education, food, income, a healthy environment and good health.
  • We believe in diverse approaches to health and embrace and respect traditional healing methods.
  • We believe that our approach should be to build the capacity of individuals so they can take control of their own health and build resiliency.
  • We believe in working together with individuals and groups, to achieve the best health possible; and organizations and agencies, to make the community as healthy as possible.
  • We believe that in all activities we must be compassionate, fair and respectful of the diversity of our community members.
  • We believe that the Health Centre is accountable to the community.

Services / Programs:

Within community health services, service provision is aimed at promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and preventative education. Please see the monthly community newsletter for specific program dates and times.

Within community health services, service provision is aimed at promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and preventative education.

Maternal and Child Health:
In the area of maternal and child health we believe that education is the key to the health of both mother and baby. Our staff offer family planning, prenatal classes, new baby assessments, clinic visits, numerous mom and baby and/or toddler programs, parenting classes, immunizations, and support for breast feeding moms, in addition to partnerships with local and external service providers for the benefit of our clients.

School Health and Teens:
The health of school children is strongly linked to their academic success. We strive to promote the health and well being of children so they can participate and succeed in school and life. Our staff members provide health education programs and screening services to approximately children from Daycare age to grade 8. We also provide a weekly drop-in for teens that covers a broad range of topics aimed at promoting healthy socialization, lifestyles, self esteem and resiliency.

Health Promotion:
Health Centre activities are based on the concept that education will lead to behaviour change and empowerment so community members can better manage their own health. Programming is in response to identified risks and health concerns unique to our First Nation within the context of the many determinants of health. The targeted areas are physical fitness, nutrition, smoking and chronic disease with a strong emphasis on diabetes.senior-hand

Home and Community Care and the Assisted Living Facility Wiidsemshin:
Our goal is to assist the elderly, chronically ill and disabled members of the community to live at home with the assistance they require and our services are ever responsive to their fluctuating needs.

Wiidemshin is viewed as their home when they cannot manage alone and care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programs and services that contribute to their quality of life are offered throughout the year including congregate dining, quilting, crafts, outside walking and a geriatric Day Program that operates 3 days per week at Wiidsemshin.

Mental Health and Addictions:
This department supports the wellbeing of individuals and families through the coordination of professional counseling services, within or outside the community, art and play therapies targeting children and youth, case management services for individuals seeking mental health and/or addictions services in addition to addictions counseling and referral to treatment centres, medical detoxification, medical care and/or methadone programs. Through a partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association we are also able to offer case management services specific to indivduals affected by severe mental illness.Please see the monthly community newsletter for specific program dates and times.

Health Services Program

Men’s Wellness – Treatment Readiness and Relapse Prevention

Updated provincial Covid-19 guidelines Sept 8 2022

Ministry of Health Covid-19 Guidelines

Health Services 2021


“COVID-19 Update for Kettle and Stony Point, 05 JAN 2022.

ALERT: As per advice of Public Health, if you have symptoms then assume you have COVID-19 and self-isolate immediately. Make an appointment with Health Services for a PCR COVID test. Although the virus may only seem like a slight cold to you, spreading the virus to unvaccinated individuals or those who are immunocompromised (elders, people diagnosed with cancer, transplant patients, diabetics, people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, people taking immunosuppressive drugs, or those with an inherited disease that affects their immune system) can make them severely ill or can cause their death. Please be respectful in your interactions with others. Follow the guidance of Public Health when in public places. Avoid crowds. Visit via cellphone or computer video technology.”

Health Services COVID-19 Community Update December 3rd 2021

COVID Community Announcement December 3, 2021


Ontario to require proof of Vaccination in select settings beginning September 22

If you have issues accessing the link, or require assistance printing, please contact Health Services at 519-786-5647.

Emergency Response Plan


CKSPFN Health Services Flu Vaccine Information

Flu Vaccines are available to all band employees and Kettle & Stony Point Community members by appointment at the Health Services Monday-Friday 9-4 pm.

If you are interested please call today and make an appointment.

Lambton Public Health Joint COVID-19 Joint Statement

Letter to Community COVID – December 2020

“Attached is the COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form required for the upcoming COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics in Kettle & Stony Point.

For Band Members living outside of Kettle & Stony Point First Nation that are interested in receiving their vaccination at Kettle and Stony Point -–please print, fill out and return to the Health Services.  For adults 65 years of age and over, please fill out the Consent Form by Friday March 5th, 2021 for the upcoming clinic (date forthcoming). If a paper copy is required please call 519-786-5647 for assistance. Thank You”

COVID-19_vaccine_screening_consent_form -2021

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Personnel | Kettle & Stony Point Health Services


  • Doug George, Health Director
  • Barb Shipley, Administrative Assistant

Community Health Services:

  • Marja George, R.N., BScN, Community Nurse
  • Carlene Mennen, R.N., Community Nurse
  • Tammy Jackson, Clerk / Reception
  • Shawna Bressette, Health Promotion / Assistant
  • Pam George, CHR / Patient Transportation
  • Lori Monague, CHR
  • Ruth Bressette, Custodian

Home and Community Care:

  • Paige Boris, R.N., BScN, HCC / Assisted Living Facility Manager
  • Lana White, Homemaker Coordinator
  • Christine Plug – HCC / ALF Nurse
  • This department also oversees 32 +/- Home Support Workers
  • Mental Health & Addictions
    • Julie George, M.A, PHD, Manager
    • Tammy Jackson – Clerk / Receptionist

Contact | Kettle & Stony Point Health Services

Days Open: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Closed: Lunch 12:00 to 1:00 | Statutory Holidays
Telephone: 519-786-5647
Fax: 519-786-4541
Email: By Request Only
Mailing Address: A-6275 Indian Lane, Box 6, Kettle & Stony Point FN, ON N0N 1J1
Street Address: Indian Lane, Kettle & Stony Point FN, ON N0N 1J1
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