Kettle & Stony Point Education Services

Hillside School Mission Statement:

Our binoojiinyag (children) are our future and each child is a unique individual with unlimited potential. With parental guidance and support, our goal is to achieve a high standard of excellence in education and to inspire a profound desire for knowledge in all our children. Therefore, Kettle & Stony Point Hillside School will be a community-based school which will proudly preserve and renew our cultural identity and inherent rights while providing students with the confidence and essential tools to pursue their individual career goals and become productive members of our Nation.


Kettle and Stony Point Education Services oversees the administration of AHS/Daycare, Elementary, Secondary and Adult Education. In addition, we coordinate and operate school transportation, the Community Centre and the Public Library.


Education Director

Zandra Bear-Lowen

Education administration assistant

Beverly Bressette


Leslie Hunter-Duvar


  • Ashley Lunday (SK)
  • Kristy Love (gr. 1)
  • Amy Rombouts (gr. 2)
  • Jeff Nace (partially gr. 3)
  • Nicole Monague (gr.4)
  • Kevin Nielsen (gr. 3&4)
  • Vince Mnidokah (gr. 5)
  • Cheryl Leduc (gr. 6)
  • Gillian Sherwood (gr. 7)
  • Racheal George (gr. 8)

Ojibway teachers

  • Marlene George
  • Jill Jackson


  •  Tammee Rivera – Special Education Resource Teacher
  •  Robert “Bob” Bressette – Special Projects Resource Teacher
  • Liza Hay – Teacher Librarian – part time

Educational Assistant

  • Kim George
  • Tania Henry
  • Jaime Kaczanowski
  • Mel Shone
  • Trish Ryan
  • Cynthia Mitchell
  • Karli Caughy
  • Jeff Nace

School secretary

  • Sue McLachlin

School Cook

  • Corrine Brown

High School Native Education Worker

  • Maurice Bressette
  • Joanna Cloud
  • Carla Oliver
  • Patricia Shawnoo, Anishinaabe Education Cultural Coordinator (sk-gr.12)


  • Pat Henry
  • Darcy Bressette
  • Quintin Wolfe
  • Hunter Bressette (Bus cleaner)


  • Sheila Pyne
  • Joy Lewis
  • Keith Bressette
  • James Bressette, Bus Monitor

Kettle and Stony Point Public Librarian

  • Lenore Bressette

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