Mission Statement:

The mission of Kettle & Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department is to serve the community by protecting life, property and the environment through prevention, education, and immediate professional response to emergencies.

Vision Statement:


The Council of Kettle & Stony Point First Nations contributes positive support to the goals set forth by Kettle & Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department. Our members are committed to providing optimum service and to creating a safer environment through public education, code enforcement, suppression and rescue duties, including fulfilling all legislative requirements under the authority given by the fire protection and prevention act and municipal by-laws.

Kettle & Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department will provide a proactive approach to the needs of the community by developing a service model that is relevant to community requirements in a cost effective manner. Kettle & Stony point Volunteer Fire Department is accountable to Band Council and the residents of the Kettle & Stony Point.

Kettle & Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department Values:

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Above all we value a positive attitude toward our Community, our Fire Department, our members and their efforts.

PROFESSIONALISM – We value pride in our department, pride in the quality of our work. We value the ability to perform efficiently and effectively in a fast paced environment full of immense stresses and demands. Our conduct, both on and off duty is a reflection of our professional commitment to the citizens of the Kettle & Stony Point.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – We value a commitment to service. We recognize and understand the importance and value of excellent customer service to our community. Our performance must ultimately be judged by the satisfaction of those we serve.

TEAMWORK – We value teamwork. No one is as effective alone as they are with the cooperative help of others. We encourage all agencies, departments, shifts and divisions to work together as equal partners in an effort to continually improve on and provide the best possible service to our community.

INNOVATION – We value and encourage the challenge of new ideas and technology. We continually strive to find more efficient, effective and safe ways to provide services to our community. We value resourceful self-motivation.

COMPASSION – We value and encourage compassion toward the people we serve. Whenever we are having a bad day we should empathize with, and have compassion for those in unfortunate circumstances in need of our services. No matter how bad of a day we are experiencing it will probably pale in comparison to the day the people requiring our services are experiencing.

PERFORMANCE – We are committed to personal and professional development. We encourage training, education, and skill development on an on-going basis. We are committed to safety and to policies that encourage the mental and physical health of our most valuable asset, our people.

Services / Programs

Fire Prevention Community Outreach:

At home, school and in the community, this volunteer force works to make Kettle & Stony Point a safe place to live. Evidence of this may be in the fact that the number of fire related calls has steadily declined.

Personnel | Volunteer Fire Department – Kettle & Stony Point

  • Len Cloud – Fire Chief
  • Kenny Knights – Training Officer

Volunteer Firemen:

Cam Bell
Daryle Bressette
Jim Bressette
Rudy Bressette Jr.
Rudy Bressette Sr.
Cheyenne Cloud
James George
Victor (Hudge) George
Adam Henry
Jason Henry
Mark Milliken
Wayne Mitchell
Larry Moore
Quintin Wolfe


Contact | Volunteer Fire Department

Days Open: N/A
Closed: N/A
Telephone: 519-786-4900
Fax: None
Email: By Request Only
Mailing Address: 6293 Indian Lane, Kettle & Stony Point F.N., ON N0N 1J1
Street Address: Same
Website: None
Additional: None