Mission Statement:

To provide to membership: Indian registration, status card renewals/replacements and provide document forms for registering: Birth Certificate, Statement of Live Births, Death, Marriages, and assistance with registering Estates.


The Membership, Estates, and Band Governance Department administers, manages and registers all documentation regarding First Nation estates, membership, births and marriages. The Clerk gathers information for our Membership data base. This information is not only important for the data base; it’s also important for voting procedures for First Nation elections and ratifications votes are also managed by this department.

Non-Insured Health Benefits does not cover the medical expenses after a child reaches one year of age. It is the parent’s responsibility to register their child as soon as possible. Hospitals have provided the following websites where you can register your child www.ServiceOntario.ca. You do need a Visa Card to do the on-line registration, it’s faster too.

In order to register your child for Indian Registration (his/her personal Indian Registry number), which is completely different form a Birth Registration; members are required to submit an original Statement of Live Birth and a Statement of Parent’s Consent Form. It can’t be copies. We send them to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Canada by registered mail and that’s how they are returned to us.


The First Nation Membership Code came into force on the day that our Council gave notice to the Minister pursuant to subsection 10(6) of the Indian Act. We have been governed by it since 1987. We’re in the process of reviewing our Code due to the McIvor Case of 2011. By passing this legislation to amend the Indian Act, the government has eliminated specific barriers of discrimination for particular individuals,” said the Minister. “Bill C-3 ensures that eligible grandchildren of women who lost status as a result of marrying non-Indian men are entitled to registration.”


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  • Corrinda Jackson – Membership/Estates/Band Governance

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